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About Us

For the Love of the Horse

Everyone at Team Hall loves horses - we love caring for them, grooming them, feeding them, and generally ensuring that they live a happy, comfortable life. It has been said the horses in our retirement and rehabilitation programs receive the "boutique experience" and we take the conditioning and care of all our horses very seriously. Whether they are a top level show horse, a backyard trail horse, or fully retired, we believe that all horses deserve the best care possible.


Our Story

Team Hall was founded in 2010 by Polly Hall and has been at our current location in Richmond, IL since 2015. The over 100 acre property includes three heated barns, indoor arena, and roundpen. Plus three heated washracks, offices, and tackrooms. An additional barn hosts non-heated stalls and hay storage. There are 15 pastures with loafing sheds, as well as 17 paddocks. Our outdoor arena boasts a fantastic view of the ponds and the shared farm field in back allows trail riding on property. 

We like our horses to be horses and always make sure they get plenty of turnout and the specialized care they need. We also love our boarders to come spend time at the facility with their horses! We have many areas to ride, handgraze, or simply take in the view. Our special resident, a rescued potbelly pig named Percy, even has his own picnic area and would love to do lunch!

Meet the Team (Hall)

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