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Rehab Board & Training

Team Hall offers rehabilitation board for horses with medical or discipline related injuries in need of rest, treatment, and care. 

How It Works

Whether it is a discipline related injury, pasture incident, or health issue, rehabilitation board is perfect for the recovering horse. Our board includes a 12x12 (or 12x14) stall, plus individual, group, or paddock turnout options. 


What's Included

  • Daily Stall Cleaning and Personalized Turnout

  • Hay and Grain Fed 2-3 times daily

  • Daily health/wellness checks

  • Re-training and/or exercise as needed

  • Grooming and hoof picking

  • Coordination and meeting with veterinarians and farriers for a personalized treatment plans 

  • Any necessary treatments or exercise routines

  • Managing all supplements and medications

  • Blankets, boots, etc taken on and off at no additional cost



Please inquire for availability or sign up on our waiting list for more information. Training rides and conditioning are additional and vary based upon treatment plan and goals.

Team Hall also will order/purchase any necessary items for your horse, supplements, and clean blankets (billed separately with board)

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